Jeremy Sackett Portfolio

Cargo Hold project and Iron Star novel. 

rWhile patrolling the grounds, Stealth Assassin leads a Sabre war droid
into a wooded area. He and his unit stumble into Bog Bull's sergeant.
They unleash a burst of ammunition to scare him off.

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Viper Rocket Launcher doing in a Cerberus Lite Tank. Models made in Light Wave. Viper Rocket Launcher is 175000 polygons.
Spitting Viper
Dragon Ballz
Dragon grenade launcher video. Dragon punishes a Cerberus lite tank. 720p. Dragon built in Lightwave. Dragon is  137,533 polygons.
Maggies House
Big Top Whirl
Cargo Hold battle test video. Made with Lightwave, After Effects and Premiere.
Cargo Hold
Cargo Hold is a working screen play from working Iron Star novel. All art work and acting done by Jeremy Sackett.